กินหมึกปากดำที่ Alixco

My 3rd day in Mexico is still exist. It was really good day for me because I have learnt many things from Mexico. I was so tired last time. I told myself I wanted to lay down on the bed right now. Then I can sleep. But another of my feeling told me No No!! You are really lucky to come here. So Don’t sleep yet! You have plenty of times to sleep in Thailand. Enjoy your day! YAY! {It was my idea when I was in Puebla,Mexico}


After we left Tiago’s ranch. We headed to restaurant in Atlixco’s downtown. Nick,Tiago and I took the truck to go there together. Today Tiago wanted to drive for us. Nick’s dad and Auntie Alicia just followed us. Moreover,Tiago’s parents wanted to join us too! Atlixco’s downtown is so beautiful. It gave me like I live in Italy or something {Even though I’ve never been there before. But well… I just imaged everything from movie 😛 } The road in downtown is made from small stones. I don’t know what they call in English. But in Thailand ,people will call ” Block”(บล็อค) Yes they use English word.

Picture 471On the way to get there was a little bit traffic jam because the road in downtown is narrow. More than that driving in Mexico,you have to be professional driver{It was really hard to find parking!} Finally we found one which was fit just only one of our car. Well…Tiago did it! For me,I can imagine if I drive how many car will be hit  hehehe

Picture 472As I told you…Atlixco’s downtown  is very beautiful. It is not big town. But you can feel how civilized of people in the past were. When I saw the building,I would love to say…actually being dominion of powerful country {for a while} has a benefit too{not bad right? } At least you can get all their ideas for architecture. I love this kind of building 🙂 colorful and unique style…

Picture 520Atmosphere of Atlixco in the evening….I remembered that Nick and Tiago already crossed the road. They didn’t wait me T_T I still stood on the other site of the road. When I try to across the road in another countries except my country,I always tell myself…”It ‘s not Thailand!!! Make sure what site of the road you have to take a look first”

Picture 521Look at these buildings…how amazing of these structure are. Flat roofs ,long and big windows, balcony…I talked with my boyfriend. If we build house in Thailand,we want to copy some of this style. It is very classic for me.

Picture 472

This is a public park in downtown. Mexican people like to hang out around here (all the time). I don’t know why they have lots of free time. {No work?} Importantly it is very normal if you see a couple kissing in the public. For me it is not normal. Yes my boyfriend tried to kiss me in Thailand. I had to stop him but sometimes I let him to kiss {just baby kissing} But HERE!!! They kiss like French kissing!!! When you walk to another site of the road for 15-20 minutes then you walk back. You will see that they’re still kissing! I really wanted to put tiny video record  on my head to film them so bad{hahaha just kidding}

Picture 473This is coffee shop. It is very famous in Mexico. I think it is same idea like Starbucks Coffee,Wawee Coffee and Doi Chang Coffee. Its name is Italian Coffee Company. Hmmm is owner from Italy? Or do they import coffee from Italy? Well…I just know a little bit about them. Nick’s dad told me that …there is a village in Puebla which is an area for migrated Italians. Grrrr I forgot their village’s name. Arrr it is  Chipilo .Their village is  not far from where we live. It is small town. Anyways,they live in Mexico for a long time. They still speak Italian language but it is original and old words. They specialise how to do gardening and farming(I remembered when I shopped in the supermarket,I saw butter and margarine which are produced from their village) However,one of them set this coffee shop up. It is very successful. So sad I didn’t try their coffee…. T___T

Picture 485Mariachi….is the best folk songs [everrrr!!] If you come to visit Mexico,you should let them sing at least one song for you. When they are singing…you can feel your soul are definitely in Mexico. All of your hairs will stand up. Their voices are really sonorous and nice. They didn’t use any speaker or microphone. This was the first Mariachi band for me in Mexico and in my life. Even though their uniforms were not perfect {they are supposed to wear Mexican hat and very special uniform. It is hard to explain}

Picture 486Before we started to eat dinner in the restaurant. Waiter served us Mexican buns to dip with salsa. The texture of these buns are dry,a little hard outside but in the middle is soft and chewy. It was delicious. Maybe I was hungry 😛 When you are hungry,everything’s always delicious!

Picture 487Salsa sauces in Mexico… a little bit spicy and sour.

Picture 491

This dish is   It is like a puff with squid filling. They fried squids with their black liquid. You just put some lime and salsa sauce when you eat it. Yum! It’s crunchy from puff dough and chewy filling.

Picture 492

I was so hungry….I didn’t understand what they talked at all[maybe just some words] But it was fun though. I thought I was in Spanish class or listening radio.Picture 506


Picture 512

My favorite so far…

This one !! I have to die forrrrrrrr. It is my favorite Mexican food. We call “Coctel Camaron” It is shrimp cocktail. They will serve you with salty crackers and avocado on the top. This was just my appetiser.

Picture 515And this one was my dinner. It was fried fish with served Mexican style rice and Avocado. I really love this one. I should say ..I addicted it. Whenever I went to restaurant in Mexico,I always ordered this dish. Someday my boyfriend said to me…”you don’t want to try a new thing to eat? ” Well I love it. Maybe it was not to heavy meal for me because most of restaurant in Mexico gave you lots of food. They were very big dish and portion. I’ve never finished each of them by myself. Even I am cheese lover . Sometimes I have to give up for eating cheese here in Mexico. It was so heavy and made me full very  quick especially Mexican cheese { and black bean…last one it is not cheese but still …so full}

Picture 517Nick’s dinner…It’s like milk and cheese broth. Very cheezyyy!! There were cream and Mexican Chili which we call “Chili Poblano” It’s very big chili. The shape of it looks like green bell pepper but the taste is very different. I think I would love his dish if I were very hungry. Sorry last time I just wanted somethings fresh,light and salty not oily :))

Picture 519I saw candy almost everywhere in Mexico

If you have a sweet tooth,this shop will be your favorite shop ever!! This is Candy shop. There were many kinds of candy especially Mexican candies which are made from milk. I love some of them. I like the taste ,texture and smell(the most) My favorite Mexican candies would be Dulce De Leche(Milk Candy),De  Cajeta De Leche (Milk Candy which is made from goat milk) and Pumpkin’s seeds Candy. I needed to tell myself to stop eating. They were so awesome. Before we left Atlixco,Nick’s dad went to buy some candies from here. Very good treat for me ^____^ Thank You Dad.

Hey Everyone!  I do have more stories to tell you. Don’t forget to read next post. It will be more exciting story. How about dancing with alive turkey and dead pig ??? Yes it is true because I faced about this thing by myself already hehehe See you next post! Thanks!

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