Hola! Que tal? or Que Pex wayyy?  haha Hi everyone..How are you? It has been for a while that I’ve not written my post in English. Well..there are many reasons why. First of all,most of my Thai friends prefer my post in Thai. Second reason is When I wrote something very special,writing in English makes me unprofessional express my whole idea and feeling on that post. But there are some reactions a little bit when I posted in Thai. For example,my fiance’s families could not understand at all. And I didn’t practice my linguistic knowledge either. So today,my 4th day in Mexico post will be in English only {Hope next time I can write it in Spanish. I already talked to my fiance that I would love to make video about cooking Thai foods in Spanish. Wish me luck! I have many reasons why I will do that. The most important reason is I want to keep studying and practicing my Spanish. 🙂 } Don’t forget to follow me.

4th day in Mexico was chilling out day because we were so tired on the day before. We woke up a little bit late. Breakfast was Chicken Mole,fresh orange juice which Nick’s dad made it for us and Mexican cookies. We ate together at kitchen. Juanna and Alicia were there too. Juanna brought us Mole from her party last night. It still tasted pretty good. Mexican people have mole with rice and more than that you can have it with all kinds of tortillas. Nick’s favorite tortilla is corn one.

Picture 585Atmosphere in the morning…Breakfast time

After we finished our breakfast,Nick and I wanted to work at some coffee shop which was quiet and calm. Nick suggested me to go to Starbuck which was not too far from where we lived. We prepared our laptops and things that we needed to use. We drove a car to there. We arrived at 1.30 pm. It was a great time because when you buy drinks there 2 cups over,you can get free bakery. We were lucky! We got lemon tart for bakery. For drink,I got green tea frappe and Mocha coffee for Nick. I can say that green tea there was not my favorite. It was like fake green tea with cream powder and it was too sweet for me. Lemon tart was not delicious either because I could taste bitter favor of lemon tart{the white jelly}. I don’t know what they used for Lemon favor. Maybe it was not real lemon. {sorry if I was too picky girl on food. But I have to say that I am strong tester. I am different 🙂 } Everything was fine. At least I can get free internet at Starbuck in Mexico. In Thailand, you have to pay for internet.- –I was about to sit  down. Suddenly,Nick told me that he forgot the charger for his Mac book. Hmmmmmmm well?? That means we could work at Starbuck for a short time or he had to go back home to get it? He didn’t want to go back home. So we just spent a little time there 🙁 Actually I wanted to stuck my butt at coffee shop and I didn’t want to move anywhere else. But it was okay…Picture 586When I was there,I saw lots of Beatles cars in downtown of Mexico. Most of them looked very news and good engine. Antonio,Nick’s friend just told me about Beatles factory in Mexico. That why…Also he is professional Beatles mechanic.

So we headed to fresh market in Cholula,Mexico. That day I wore short jean and T-shirt. It was pretty sexy for people here especially Marchantra…(seller in the market). Thรห market had everything. We parked nearby market which was own my gangster owner{haha I’m just kidding} but he looked like bad boy. I tried to smile to him but he shew his angry face back to me. I don’t know why…was he shy? was he angry? was he sleepy? I don’t know….I tried to speak to him in Spanish like How much is it for parking? He supposed to laugh at me because of my poor Spanish or at least he should reply me in Spanish. He answered to me in English …15 pesos! Okay man…I got it I got it. Today,Nick wanted to buy Mexican cheese,pickle and fresh cream. I was not happy to walk in this market at all because of my clothes. I felt very shy because when I stepped into the market. Everyone looked at me. Some of them looked at me until I left their eyes. More that that some of them looked at me and told their friends to look at me again. I was not so so so happy. Next time,definitely I will wear very long skirt and big sweater, And I might very mask also! Just kidding 😛 I told Nick. Hurry up Hurry up! I don’t want to stay here for a long time. I liked market but I don’t like those eyes. We also bought Tortilla maker and pan and Mexican plastic shoe. It was like Juanna shoe {housekeeper’s shoes} It was very cheap.Nick told me that I can not wear Housekeeper’s shoe at Mamanena’s house{His grandmother’s house} Don’t!! at least think about it. I can wear it everywhere except her’s house. Everything has to look great ,clean and luxury when I go to visit her.Picture 591In front of Chili shop…{so happy} because lots of Thai foods need chili. So I don’t need to worry for important ingredient which is Chili for Thai foods. Enjoy!Picture 592How fun Mexican market was…Picture 593Fruit juices….the different of juice here is No ice anymore for you because they already put pieces of ice in the jar. So,when you buy it,they just pour it into plastic cup. It was 10 pesos/cup. Last time we tried watermelon juice. It was delicious. Fresh!

Picture 595

Nick told me that Mexican people don’t like to be taken a photo because it seems like they are selling their souls. In this picture, I was model with market background. I wanted you to see atmosphere there.Ahaaa How tricky I was 😛

Picture 597Trying original chocolate drink…I could not take a photo how they made it because the seller didn’t allow me 🙁 She just said NO!

เป็นเครื่องดื่มซึ่งเป็นที่มาของช็อกโกแล๊ตร้อน/เย็น ที่เรากินอย่างเอร็ดอร่อยในปัจจุบัน มีต้นกำเนิดมาตั้งแต่สมัยโบราณ ตั้งแต่สมัยชนเผ่ามายัน – — แพมไม่ได้ถ่ายขั้นตอนการทำมาเพราะคนขายเค้าไม่อนุญาต(นิคบอกแพมว่า เค้าไม่อยากให้เราถ่ายรูปเค้าเพราะเหมือนเค้าต้องขายจิตวิญญาณ ความรู้สึกของเ้ค้า) เวลาเค้าทำเหมือนเค้าจะใช้ไม้ตีฟองเมล็ดโกโก้ ตีทั้งวันทั้งคืน ขนาดนั่งขายก็ต้องตีต่อไป จนมันได้ออกมาเป็นฟองแบบนี้..รสชาดก็อร่อยกลมกล่อมดีคะ ลิ้นของเราจะสัมผัสได้ถึงผงของโกโก้สดที่ชาวบ้านเค้ากระเทาะเปลือก อบเอง บดเอง หอมมากๆ  เวลาเห็นแบบนี้มันดูไม่ค่อยน่ากินเลย เพราะดูเป็นฟองๆ ดูสกปรกๆ แต่ขอบอกเลยว่ารสชาดดีนะ มันจะแตกต่างจากรสชาดของโกโก้ร้อนหรือช็อกโกแล๊ตร้อนที่มีขายตามร้านกาแฟทั่วไป บอกไม่ถูกจริงๆ ต้องลองไปชิมน้าาา ไม่หวานมาก รสชาดนุ่มๆPicture 598When you walked around the market,you will see Mexican style fried potatoes shops. There were many favors such as plain,salt,salsa and BBQ. Sellers will put salsa sauce on it. It was not my favorite when sellers tried to put salsa. I prefer plain one. It costed me 10 pesos{25-30 baht} But Nick really liked it with sauce.Picture 600We drove this car around downtown. I was not driver all day but I just helped Nick to park a car in front of house. HahahaPicture 601Here we go…we arrived at home about 6 p.m. In the picture you can see how I dressed. It was not sexy at all but market. It was new for everyone there!! Nick’s house is Earthen house. Very cool style.Picture 607This was our dinner. It was cactus salad. Mexican people eat it with tortillas. It tasted like jelly a little bit because of the glue inside of cactus. First time when I tried that,it was weird for me because in my country this kind of cactus,we used it to decorate a house and garden.Picture 608All the stuffs we bought today…so gooooood!!!! especially the orange can. It was MexicanJalapeño chilies. We also brought 3 cans back to Thailand.Picture 613One more thing for our dinner…it was Tostada which is crispy fried corn tortilla. The way to eat it is you can put everything on the top of it such as Mexican cheese,avocado,black beans, cactus salad, Jalapeño ,fresh cream and etc. You should put it in microwave for 20 seconds which made Mexican cheese melting. It is more delicious if you do that.If you were so hungry,you skipped this step. Just eat and enjoy it by itself! 


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